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Sunshine Key RV Resort & Marina | 5 Star Campgrounds | RV Park Listings and Reviews

Sunshine Key RV Resort & Marina

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Address: /td> 38801 Overseas Highway, Big Pine Key, FL, 33043
Phone Number: (305) 872-2217
Website: Sunshine Key RV Resort & Marina
Latitude   24.67178    
Longitude   -81.24743    
Campsite Information
A green check-mark signifies service is available
Site Quantity: 397 Pad Type:
Price: Over $40 Quality: Great Campground / Average Value
Electric 50 Amp Water Sewer
Big Rig Access Tents Allowed Pull-thrus Group Area
Handicap Access Waterfront Access Telephone Cable TV
A green check-mark signifies service is available
Store Laundry Pool Hot Tub
Pet Friendly 55+ Park Game Room Playground
Cabins Dump Station LP Gas Wi-Fi
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Sunshine Key RV Resort & Marina Details

Sunshine Key RV Resort and Marina is a unique resort and marina that offers the RV adventurer unprecedented access to a tropical island environment. This 75-acre island provides the perfect gateway to ocean activities or just relaxing at the ocean's edge. The sunsets are as warm as our hospitality, so set sail and head for Sunshine Key!

  • 397 sites, 242 PullThru's, 25' wide, 53' long, 50 amps, WiFi, Big Rig Sites

Recreation near Sunshine Key RV Resort & Marina

Directions to Sunshine Key RV Resort & Marina

From Highway 1

  • South on Hwy. 1 to Mile Marker 39, Sunshine Key RV Resort & Marina is on the right after the 7 Mile Bridge.

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Sunshine Key RV Resort & Marina, 3.1 out of 5 based on 4 ratings


Guest Reviews

4 Responses to Sunshine Key RV Resort & Marina

  1. Joe on March 18, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    The park has gone to crap, there is no store to get milk or bread, you have to drive 15 miles round trip to get milk . The laundry is a dump and half the machines dont work.The staff that did help you were snowbirds, as of march 2011 they have all quit and are gone, all thats left is cuban employees.The maintenance dept speaks no english. The marina workers had there tv taken away so they get paid to do nothing, they just stand around and look at boats. The docks are so bad you can barley walk on them, but no one will pound down the nails sticking up and repair them. You pay high price to park your boat and you get a dock that is so wobbely you can barley walk on it. The sewer system didnt work on the water front sites so they had to be pumped out every day. One day the pumper tanker was full so they took it up front to empty the tank.The employees ended up dumping 500 gallons of sewage on the parking lot.The park is full of cuban compounds with full size refridgerators outside, full size house furnature, four picnic tables, four gas powered golf carts per sites, and they dont have to follow rules of the park that the snowbirds have to follow. Snowbirds cant have boats in there site they have to go in the rack, or in the slips cubans are aloud to park them in there sites and on the shoreline, and they dont pay for slips.The cubans clean ther fish at there site and not at the fish cleaning station, because they dont have a fishing licence and they dont want to get cought by FWC cleaning fish with no licence. FWC came to the park one day and they stoped a boat in the marina with three cubans,only one had a fishing license they went over to the marina wall,and there was two cubans fishing in the marina witch is aginst park rules, FWC checked the two no fishing license and a pale full of illeagel fish. FWC stayed in the park the rest of the night at 2:53 am a boat pulled in the marina FWC pulled them over there was five cubans non of them had a fishing license and other violations including over limit of fish. FWC Officer from marithon said this is a big problem all summer at this park.After 5pm people like to go for a walk and its dark outside, and the cubans are driving around in there gas powered high speed golf carts with no lights and drivers under 21, even park empoyees do it . Theres one that works in the marina that flys after dark with no lights and dosnt stop for park stop signs.One of the cuban ladys that work in the front office her husband fishes out of his boat in the marina with one of the employees from the marina ,theres signs posted all over no fishing in marina,the rules are for snowbirds, and the cubans dont have to follow any rules and they like it like that.Walked over to the fishing peer one day and looked in the mangros and there was about a dozen, six to eight year old cuban girls sitting in the mangros drinking beer,they see there mom and dad drink red bull and beer all night long,One old guy told me when he woke up his picnic table was gone and his stuff was on the ground ,i said did you go to the office and tell them he said no,it happened last year and when he went to the office and they didnt do anything.How sad the snowbird is paying $1,800.00 a month and cant have a picnic table but the cuban pays $400.00 a month and has 30 pepole at there site, and they have four to five picnic tables.The theift on the weekends out of control one guy told me he lost two brandnew fishing pole at $250.00 a peice,a other guy told me lost a hand painted ceramic manatee,one guy lost a brand new blender and lot guys said they lost bait ot of there boat.I was told that in the summer the park hires offduty police officers and the sheriffs dept runs thru the park all the time,i was told last summer there was a stabing in the park.An annual customer told me a cuban family was driving there golf cart to fast ,and there kid fell out of the cart and beat there kid for not hanging on good enough.One saturday night walked in the rest room and cuban kids were having sex on the counter. The cuban employees are rude and dont follow any park rules,no srcurity . It wont be long and this park will have the crime of miami. PS The DEA is watching the park you geuss why there watching the park for.Three years ago the park lost about 100 snowbirds after 2010-2011 the park will lose another 100 snowbirds ,can encore afford it. Ten years ago it was a nice park.

    GD Star Rating
    • tj on August 15, 2012 at 5:24 pm

      On December 11 of 2011 I called the reservation desk in Orlando Florida. Two check on my reservation and site number for sunshine key rv resort and Marina. They asked me to call down to sunshine key and check the records there, I called their and the lady I spoke to spoke such poor English I could not understand her when I told her I could not understand her she got mad and started yelling at me. I called back to Orlando and told them what happened they called the Park and verified my reservation price of 5600.00 and site number 912. They told me they would turn in the lady that yelled at me to their supervisor. When I got to the park on December 28 of 2011 my reservation price was 6400.00 and no one could explain the 800.00 dollar increase to my reservation, I had misplaced my reservation paper showing that I owed 5600.00. I paid the 6400.00 and talk to the manager I went and put my motorhome in site 912 and looked for my paperwork, I went to the front office and talk to the manager and went into his office and told him that I could not find my reservation paperwork but when I called on December 11 the price was 5600.00 and when I got here on the 28th it was 6400.00 and he blamed it on the previous manager Marlene who was not around at that time, it was the lady that yelled at me because I could not understand her English on the paperwork with the price of 6400.00 were her initials and the date of December 22 of 2011 I told Scott manager that I feel like I’m getting ripped off 800.00 and he said are you calling me a thief and I said no you’re taking this wrong, he said then your calling the park a thief which means your calling me a thief get the F out of my office, I said that this is getting on and I’m sorry I sat there and looked at my paperwork and he bent over his desk and said didn’t you hear me get the F out of my office. I grabbed my folder in my paperwork and left his office I went back to my site and called his boss and told them of the problem he said he was come into the park that weekend and would look into it, he came to the park and didn’t do anything. I finally found my paperwork for my reservation and it said I only owed 5600.00 I took it up to the office and Scott was there, I said to him I found my paperwork would you like to see it he said yeah he looked at the paperwork and told the girl behind the counter to write to me a credit for 800.00 and that corporate would send me a check. No one at the park not even the manager ever said I am sorry for what they put me through it took six weeks to get my $800.00 back and no apology from anyone. The end of January I went to the roll out the rate party where I was told if you go to that party and put money down you can lock in your site and price and get a $200 discount, so I went to the party told them my site was 912 and was told to go up to the office and get a price from Scott for my stay, I went to the office the contract he had written up had put a price of 4990.00 and my site of 912 and then Scott initialed contract and I wrote him out a check for $200 this was can it be for the 2012 – 2013 season. When I was leaving the park in February 28 of 2012 I went in to pay my electric bill and I was informed by Scott that he gave my site 912 to someone else and said I could have site 915, I told him I don’t want site 915 I went to the party put money down on site 912 and you initialed the contract, why do you have a contract that asks for a site number if you cannot guarantee that site number. I called the main office in Chicago there is no one at encore or anywhere I found that cares anything about customer service. Over a ten-year period of Staying at this park I’ve seen a lot of people leave because of management problems. The main office contacted Scott with my paperwork and all he did was walk in the café bitching that TJ contacted the management in Chicago this person is not a manager he has been given the title but does not know how to do the action. Now the park will lose another customer that’s been going there for 10 years and pays 5600.00 four lot rent and 900.00 for boat slip that 6500.00 per year that they will throw away I can’t imagine any company that would allow poor management to destroy their company. I own my own company and my customers would never get treated that way.

      GD Star Rating
    • Cynthia on August 1, 2014 at 11:29 am

      You just wanted to let viewer know that you hate Cubans and the the park is great place to stay

      GD Star Rating
    • Cynthia on August 1, 2014 at 11:33 am

      Yes we got your point u hate Cubans and the park in a great place ,,,it is full of Cubans but Cubans are fun ,,,we don’t come to sleep we come to party and fish , and about the fishing yes Cuban are better at fishing ,too bad your not Cuban visit china

      GD Star Rating

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