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Raccoon Holler Campground

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Address: /td> 493 Raccoon Holler Rd, Glendale Springs, NC, 28629
Phone Number: (336)982-2706
Website: Raccoon Holler Campground
Latitude   36.34479    
Longitude   -81.38076    
Campsite Information
A green check-mark signifies service is available
Site Quantity: 225 Pad Type: Gravel
Price: $20 to $30 Quality: Great Campground / Good Value
Electric 50 Amp Water Sewer
Big Rig Access Tents Allowed Pull-thrus Group Area
Handicap Access Waterfront Access Telephone Cable TV
A green check-mark signifies service is available
Store Laundry Pool Hot Tub
Pet Friendly 55+ Park Game Room Playground
Cabins Dump Station LP Gas Wi-Fi
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Raccoon Holler Campground Details

Raccoon Holler Campground is family owned and operated, and are located just off the Blue Ridge Parkway between mileposts 257 and 258. Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Appalachia, ours is the perfect escape from the often frantic pace of daily life.

  • Raccoon Holler Campground does not accept credit or debit cards. They accept check or cash only.
  • Raccoon Holler Campground is happy to take overnight and weekly reservations. However, monthly and seasonal reservations must take precedence. We reserve the right to change the reserved site without notice. We will do our best to reserve an equivalent site.
  • Pets are welcome. We do ask that they be kept on a leash and not allowed to disturb other campers by excessive barking. We do not accept aggressive breeds of dogs.
  • 250 sites, 12 PullThru's, 25' wide, 50 amps

Recreation near Raccoon Holler Campground

Raccoon Holler Campground is within walking distance of the Blue Ridge Parkway, with its many trails and overlooks; we are three miles from the New River, where you can fish, swim, canoe, or just enjoy an afternoon picnic with the family; and the Church of the Frescoes and numerous craft shops are close by.

Directions to Raccoon Holler Campground

Raccoon Holler Campground is  located just off the Blue Ridge Parkway between mileposts 257 & 258. Alternately, follow NC Hwy 16 north from North Wilkesboro to the community of Glendale Springs and turn on Old Wilkesboro Road and follow the signs.

  • 10 miles east of Jefferson
  • 30 minutes northwest of North Wilkesboro
  • 30 minutes northeast of Boone
  • 45 minutes from Appalachian Ski slopes
  • 1 hour from Beech and Sugar Mountain ski slopes
  • 1 hour from the I-77 / Hwy 421 interchange
  • 1 hour and 45 minutes from Charlotte
  • 2 hours from Greensboro
  • 3 hours from Raleigh
  • 1 hour from Marion, VA and I-81

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Raccoon Holler Campground, 4.5 out of 5 based on 17 ratings

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Guest Reviews

24 Responses to Raccoon Holler Campground

  1. TravelTrail on August 16, 2011 at 11:45 am

    Moderator…..I’m confused, I’ve read the reviews/comments decided we should give the place a try, but when I attempted to make my reservations I noticed the campground rules state “no barking.” I thought the issue was resolved and changed or restated. Looks like RH changed the rules only for this thread? What’s up wid that, we have two dogs and they are not completely quiet all the time. You say you highlighted the rules off of the campground website but the wording is different, and not highlighted I just want to go camping what are the rules anyway???? HELP

    GD Star Rating
  2. Classy Camper on August 2, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    Apologies, I neglected to state this happened while you were not at the campground and Mrs. Hood was attending various Raccoon Holler Ladies social events.

    GD Star Rating
    • S Hood on August 3, 2011 at 6:21 am

      It’s your lie…..tell it any way you want……………… there were no complaints while I was not there………………….. and you know it. My wife was paranoid to leave them alone afraid they might make a peep. On the two occasion she did leave she inquired about any disturbance, with the neighbors upon return (as we always do) So are ya just dreaming up new complaints now? Hey I’ve got big shoulders lay it on me. My objective is complete, the rules have been restated, as to allow a normal dog to be normal, all reasonable people here agree that some barking is normal. We all agree we have a low tolerance for extended barking. The no tolerance clan will have a hard time disputing the end result of this thread, the next time the accost, attack, and ambush a camper with this zero barking stuff, hopefully they’ll think to refer to this thread, which is very clear SOME barking is to be expected if you have a dog. Thank you RH for restating your rules, may God Bless you your campers and your dogs.

      GD Star Rating
  3. Classy Camper on August 2, 2011 at 9:11 am

    In the situation overly discussed below, these dogs were very well behaved until their owner left them alone which occurred several times. The dogs barked constantly when they were left alone. The barking stopped when the owner returned. I don’t know if Mr. Hood was aware of this as it is not mentioned in his comments.
    Everyone (yes, even campers) realize dogs bark. However, “a” bark differs greatly from nonstop barking for an extended period of time, sometimes well over an hour. When a dog barks incessantly, it is an annoyance whether it is in a neighborhood, a rural area or a campground.

    Perhaps this additional information will add some clarification to Mr. Hood’s comments and negative rating of Raccoon Holler.

    GD Star Rating
    • S Hood on August 2, 2011 at 1:27 pm

      What would possess a person to post an outlandish lie like that anonymously. If they were being honest they would state their name? I respect Jonathan at least he manned up and used his name. Did I forget to mention we left the campground to run to the store on the corner a total of one time, for 45 minutes plus or minus. We left them only one other time, that was to attend Sunday service. Upon return both times we inquired with all of the campers around us (both next door, two across the street and the one rear) as to did our pets bark. To a person we were assured they did bark a little when another dog walked by then went right back to sleep. As stated we asked the direct question “were they a disturbance” again to a person, the response was a resounding no. In the first encounter the dogs had not been left alone at all none not for a second, and we were sitting with them. Have fun rewriting history, Hey when you make up the next story why not say they attacked someone, better yet bit someone. Pitiful is all I can say.
      One nice thing has definitely already come out of all this. With all the talking everyone at RH is doing about how “dog friendly” they are, when a camper shows up now with a dog in tow………….. the zero tolerance folks will have to “walk the walk” there will be no enforcing that old zero tolerance policy stuff.
      Hey I think I got my putters “auto correct feature” turned off so it doesn’t look like a third grader typed this.

      GD Star Rating
  4. Priority Comment RHC on July 27, 2011 at 8:54 am

    Hi. I would like to post a response as a representative of Raccoon Holler. First, I would like to thank all of you for commenting and for choosing to stay with us. We appreciate you and your opinions. We are sorry to hear that Mr. Hood had a problem. It is difficult, without more information, to guess what might have taken place. Raccoon Holler is definitely a pet-friendly facility. Many of our campers have pets (primarily dogs, but some cats as well). I am the president of the corporation and have two dogs and a cat myself. The owners have a dog. We love and respect animals and actually know the names of many of our campers’ animals. This is a touchy situation for a lot of people. Some people hate animals and will not tolerate a single bark. We try to be alert to both the desires of the pet owners as well as their neighbors. It is important to us that ALL have a relaxing and pleasant experience. We try to work with all members of any dispute to get it settled to the satisfaction of all. Perhaps this was not possible in this case or we were never made aware. We cannot control the reactions of each camper. We would NEVER have suggested shooting a pet. If a nearby neighbor did, we can only apologize for this. We are deeply sorry that you left with a negative impression. Thank you to Mr. Merchant for his kind words of support for the campground and the family. We appreciate them more than you know. The campground is very important to us and we care deeply for our campers. They become family. It is our desire, at all times, to keep the campground safe, clean, pleasant, friendly and relaxing for all. We apologize for those who feel that we fail sometimes but please know that it is always our goal. Happy camping.

    GD Star Rating
    • B Kohler on July 27, 2011 at 10:18 am

      OMG…………… A campground owner that loves dogs……………. But their rules say dogs are welcome as long as they “don’t bark”. That’s like saying we love kids as long as they’re someone else’s.

      Sounds like Payton Place, what’s next a reality TV show. Visualize this…. they pan in on the campground………… birds are singing, squirrels are playing, wolves are howling (in the distance, they know the rules) flies are flying, bees are buzzing, fish are jumping, leaves are blowing, everyone is enjoying nature. Except the dogs……….. they’re in the corner on a 8’ leashed muzzled by their dog loving owner’s …………. Wondering if they’ll survive the next drive by dog shooting. They’ll call it CSI Campground.

      That’s in poor taste, shame on me, the owner is entitled to make the rules if you don’t like them go elsewhere, why are you all making in more complicated than that?

      GD Star Rating
  5. 5 Star Campgrounds on July 26, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    @ Jonathan Merchant and Steve Hood, Wow! The two of you have been busy over the past couple of days! As 5 Star Campgrounds owner/moderator, I encourage open communications between people who may disagree on a subject as long as everyone remains calm and acts like responsible adults. After all, my impressionable kids also read these reviews! I respect both or your opinions on the pet issues and I fully realize there is always two sides of the story.

    Jonathan, if I followed the comment stream correctly, you didn’t agree with Steve’s ratings of Raccoon Holler Campground. I also see that he is the only one who has rated the campground. You are also more than welcome rate the campground for yourself. Over time and with more ratings, an accurate rating usually floats to the top.

    I have also highlighted Raccoon Holler Campground’s policy on pets on 5 Star Campgrounds. I feel it is important dog owners to see that no barking is allowed. As a dog owner, I feel this is unrealistic and it would prevent me from staying at the campground. (Also, the cash and check only is a deal breaker for me).

    Thank you again for the lively communications!

    GD Star Rating
    • Jonathan Merchant on July 28, 2011 at 8:26 am


      I understand the concern regarding cash and check only.

      I believe the issue regarding “no barking” is very misleading. As long as I have been in the campground, I have never seen a problem with normal barking. The issue, when I have seen it arise, has been when an owner allowed a dog to bark, ongoing, for long periods of time, to the point that it is disruptive. It would be very misguided to expect that a dog will not bark at all, and in my experience, nobody expects that. It is simply not realistic. However, as I said earlier, everyone has different tolerance levels, as would be true at any campground. It is my hope that RHC will be in contact with you to give a more realistic representation of what is expected regarding pet behavior, because a policy of absolutely-positively-no-barking-ever-ever-ever is not accurate, never has been.

      It is my hope that people who have camped at Raccoon Holler will become aware of this series of comments and will chime in with their own opinions and experiences on the matter. Obviously, not everyone would agree with my perception, but the chatter would be informative to all parties involved, particularly Raccoon Holler management.

      GD Star Rating
      • Steve Hood on July 28, 2011 at 11:16 am

        Here’s hoping we can give it a rest guy, I thought we had agreed to disagree. In all honesty my wife read this thread and told me I was to harsh on the campground, if I’m wrong I’ll be the first one to stand up and admit it. I was too harsh on the grounds (I stand firm on the dog policy). Like I said my intent never was to slam anyone, my intent was to make people aware of the reality of the enforcement of the dog policy there at RH. The very well written letter by the president of Raccoon Holler could and frankly should stay at the top of this tread, we’ve had our say. People can read it and make their own call. It does and always will just leave me baffled, how you, in your own words can ask if the dog barked and I quote you “more than once or twice a day.” Out of one side of your mouth you ask that question and out of the other side of your mouth say you’re “dog friendly.” To real dog people that is simply absurd.
        Jonathan, may I ask you to please go over to the campground, Look Lewis in the eye and ask him personally if my dog was as issue there, Then go up to the site I was at and ask them the same question, please understand, I was not asked to leave I left based on the fact that my wife called me in tears several times while I was not there telling me that our dogs can’t possibly meet the standard imposed by the place. We spent two weeks in misery over the dog policy and enforcement or lack thereof. Enforcement at the campground includes standing up to the zero tolerance bunch and saying hey guys we’re a “pet friendly” campground let’s all act that way. Instead management tries to be all things to all people frankly leaving all sides unhappy. I threw 200.00 in the garbage and told them to give it to the church, mainly because this is not a money issue at any cost.
        Some background on me….. I’ve been a successful businessman all my life, I do tend to call a spade a spade, I hate to be the bad guy here but someone needs to be straight forward and frank. I in fact spoke with three other couples that had my exact same experience while we were there. I asked them to inform management, but to a person they felt funny…. Like their dog was at fault. “Maybe we’ll mention it when we leave” You know, that’s the most expensive thing that can happen to the place, those people leave never to return and management has no idea why.
        Our trips consist of generally 5-6 weeks covering 3000 to 7500 miles that’s about 35 campgrounds and 8 Wal-Mart’s per trip. We’ve stayed at a minimum of 300 campgrounds over the last 11 years. We know what is expected of ourselves and our pets at the average normal everyday campground. If you noticed my dog’s leash even has a little garbage can looking thing that hold bags so we never run out. Please understand I’m not here to stab anyone, slam, anyone, or hurt anyone, but the cold hard fact’s stand. Raccoon Holler is the one and only campground we’ve pulled into and felt ambushed over our pets from the time we pulled in until the time we pulled out. I offered to leave to first night we pulled in but management insisted my encounter was a fluke. I respectfully submit that if you’ll talk to the seasonal guests you’ll fully understand you’re not welcome there with a dog. I said to Lewis and I’ll say it again. It’s your issue until you address it, in this case nice guys finish last. The seasonal campers quietly run the visitors off at the campgrounds expense. To Management I will say “your actions speak so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying” And I say that with all due respect. I did not start all this to make your life miserable, it just evolved, guess you can tell I don’t back down.. Ever.. To you personally, I truly can’t camp there but it’s not personal.

        GD Star Rating
        • 5 Star Campgrounds on July 28, 2011 at 3:35 pm

          Steve, per your suggestion which I agree is a good one, I have made Raccoon Holler Campground’s official response to the comments sticky so it should always show up at the first review/comment.

          Thanks for the suggestion.

          GD Star Rating
        • Jonathan Merchant on July 28, 2011 at 6:18 pm

          Mr. Hood:

          Hey, I was not trying to rekindle the confrontation at all. Actually, I was responding to what the moderator said, regarding his/her comment about “no barking.” I understand your position entirely, Mr. Hood, as you have stated your perception and experience quite clearly, particularly in the later posts. I just hope that something positive can come from this discussion, possible to develop a better, more comprehensive policy over an issue that is proving, apparently, quite divisive. If not, then this entire discussion has been for nothing. I consider the matter closed.

          Oh, btw, moderator, your information regarding available amenities is dated. I understand wi-fi is now available all over the campground, and that cable tv is as well, but I am not there now, so I do not know the specifics, just what I hear from friends. I guess the “pet friendly” item will need to be re-visited at a later time.

          GD Star Rating
          • 5 Star Campgrounds on July 28, 2011 at 6:48 pm

            Jonathan, I updated the listing to show cable is available. Their listing information came directly from Raccoon Holler’s website. I was unable to find if wi-fi is available.

            Thanks for the update.

            GD Star Rating
      • 5 Star Campgrounds on July 28, 2011 at 3:38 pm

        Jonathan, I agree, there is a difference between a dog that occasionally barks and one who continually barks. Even though I am a dog owner, I have a very little threshold for dogs that bark non-stop.

        Thanks again for your comments.

        GD Star Rating
  6. Steve Hood on July 25, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    We rented a site at Raccoon Hollar for a month in a 33′ RV. We’ve traveled the country several times in the last 11 years, we’re polie and quiet and mind our own business. The owners are friendly enough but their policy is like jello, it changes hourly then daily. The campground is mainly seasonal sites occupied with folks that bully the ownwer around rewriting his policy to their liking……. these folks are in no sense of the word “campers” Not bad people just NOT PET FRIENDLY. We left two weeks early. No second chances here Not pet Friendly is being way, way polite after what we saw.

    GD Star Rating
    • Jonathan Merchant on July 26, 2011 at 4:19 am

      Wow. You are honestly going to flame the campground and give it horrible ratings overall because of the pet issue, and according to you, the problem isn’t the campground itself but the relationships with the campers nearby. I notice you did not state what type of pet it is, but I suspect that it is a dog, or perhaps a number of dogs. Since you did not even state what type of pet it is, I would further guess that it is a type that barks a lot, something that would disturb the campers around you if they really got going. I have also been to this campground and was very impressed by the extent to which the staff bends over backwards to accommodate all of their guests, but sometimes that means that they have to intervene in disputes. Some campers, like you I would guess, believe that because a place is pet friendly, that means that the pets can act any way they want, and there is no responsibility on your part to do anything when they act in a disruptive manner. YOU may be quiet and polite, but you did not say that your pets were. Did you leave them at the site when you were not around, resulting in dogs barking because their owner left them untended in the camper? What, exactly, were the complaints of the other campers? And how, exactly, did they cause you problems? By complaining to the owner that they were having to deal with your barking dogs? What, exactly, would you have them do if they have a problem with the disturbance?

      My guess is that you would say that your dogs do not bark more than other dogs. I have had my dog at this campground, and I have seen many other people with their dogs at this campground, and the owners have absolutely no problem with dogs. People walk their dogs all over the campground all the time. You see, the problem is not dogs, the problem is that some people, like you, apparently, do not have respect for other people in the campground, and their desire for peace and quiet. My car has a horn, and I am allowed to blow it; that does not mean that if I lean on it, all day long, in the middle of downtown, that everyone should just put up with it because I am allowed to use it.

      You absolutely flamed them in your ratings. Noise, a 1-star? Really? It is out in the middle of nowhere, and the other campers tend to be elderly and quiet. A 1-star for accessibility, really? The campground is right on the Blue Ridge Parkway and extremely easy to get to, even if you take Highway 16; the roads are well marked and wide. I would guess you want an interstate off-ramp that ends in the front drive of the place. A two-star for the bathrooms? Really? The bathrooms are the cleanest in a campground that I have ever seen. And exactly how much more friendly does a campground staff have to be? Did they try to work with you to resolve the situation, or did they get abusive of you? I have met these people, and I would find it very hard to believe that they berated you, or issues ultimatums. But, of course, you did not address that in your review. As for amenities, no, it does not have a pool, but it has a good sized fishing pond, clean and safe playground, wifi, shuffleboard, volleyball court and a lot of peace, quiet and friendly people. Perhaps you wanted someone to turn down your bed?

      Your posting was intentionally misleading and left a lot off, and you made the campground pay because of a dispute over your pets that you had with other campers that they had to get the owner to intervene in because, apparently, they could not resolve it with you. You absolutely were unfair in your ratings of issues that had nothing to do with that situation. You have used thie forum as a means to get some measure of revenge on good people. You should be ashamed, but I have no doubt that you are not; you will believe yourself to be the victim in this case.

      GD Star Rating
      • Steve Hood on July 26, 2011 at 5:24 am

        HUMMMM…………….. We camp all over this great country, rarely have a bad word to say. We had more people at Racoon Hollar tell us they are not returning because of the pet issues that all the other campgrounds combined, BUT acording to you the issue is us LOL. Hey pal understand…………… it’s the people that make the place and your stay. We actually had a guy (upon chek in) drop by and offer to shot our pets. (ya just can’t make this stuff up) Have fun for the rest of the season up there……………. based on your letter guess the truth really burns you up. My posting is not at all misleading, the place IS NOT PET FRIENDLY

        GD Star Rating
        • Jonathan Merchant on July 26, 2011 at 7:53 am

          I notice that you still did not state the nature of the complaints that were made, or the actions taken by the campground staff to try to resolve the issue, or how noisy your pets were. And yes, I know, it is indeed the people who make the stay, but if another patron of the campground makes a comment like that, it is hard to see how you can hold the business responsible and flame them in a review. Tell me that it was an employee, and that is different. The campground is quite pet friendly, as long as the owners control the pets and do not disturb the other patrons. It is not, and was never meant to be, a pet campground. You also did not address the ratings that you posted that had nothing to do with the pet issue. Do you realize that real people read these reviews? That your ratings give a false impression of the place? How about addressing the real noise situation, or how the staff treated you, or the actual cleanliness, or anything else? Your ratings about these issues, and the others noted above, are quite misleading, and I believe you know it.

          Maybe you had a bad experience involving your pets. It happens. But at the very least, separate the business from the customers, then fairly state what the problems were, what the staff tried to do to solve the problems for everyone involved, and whether steps were taken to address the problem and provide a remedy. You left two weeks early. Were you compensated for those two weeks? Did they try to make it right? I suspect they did, though I don’t know it; that is how they have always done business. And yet, you flamed them on just about everything.

          I am not affiliated with the campground at all, and they have no idea I am writing this; they may or may not read it online, I don’t care. I am not a seasonal camper, but I have been there many times in the past, with my own dog which the owners love. I have walked around the campground a lot, and saw several leashed dogs around every time I did. I saw a lot of relaxed people and their animals who enjoyed themselves and the environment. I do not have personal knowledge of your situation, but I do of the staff and other people who call the campground home a lot of the year. And I know the Millers (the owners), and their daughter, and granddaughter, all of whom are wonderful people who do everything they can to make sure that people have a great stay. And I know that when disputes arise, as they do when you have hundreds of people staying in one place, the Millers try to find equitable solutions for all involved, and sometimes that simply is not possible, but they try hard. Laugh all you want, I could not care less, but tell the full truth because it involves actual people and their livelihoods and the presentations of who they are, how they approach their customers and business. The full truth, even if not desirable, would not “burn me up.” Your half truths, on the other hand, do, and I take offense when good people are hurt by those who have an axe to grind. In practice, animals, no matter how much they are loved by their owners or the campground, cannot be allowed to be disruptive to the other people who call Raccoon Holler home and pay for the privilege. A few barks here and there, nobody cares, it happens all the time. A patterns of disruptive barking is something else entirely, and I believe everyone understands that.

          I look forward to hearing about how unfair the staff was, how they could not have cared less about your situation, how they did not try to make it right for all involved. I also look forward to hearing how your pet or pets barked only a time or two a day, and your neighbors went into an uproar over it. If someone offered to shoot your pet, that was wrong on his or her part, and he or she should never have said that, but that would be one, and only one, person whom, I strongly suspect, had absolutely nothing to do with the campground itself. The full truth, Mr. Hood, would be nice, but I rather doubt you will provide specifics or the answers to questions I have asked. We will see.

          GD Star Rating
          • Steve Hood on July 26, 2011 at 8:54 am

            Guess you might need to re-read my first post, I clearly stated the owners are friendly enough, there was no slam to them, only their policy. My tone is very of fact you want the full truth well OK the guy actually offered to shoot my pets TWICE in the same day I read you comments and and say to myself………. Humm that’s why you choose the word Bully. You admit you were not there you can only guess what happened then dare to call my a liar. BTW you asked about a refund, I politely asked any refund be placed in the basket Sunday. See you really don’t know anything about the situation. Think what you will, then read the tone of my posts and yours

            GD Star Rating
        • Jonathan Merchant on July 26, 2011 at 11:38 am

          Might want to re-read my posts. Never called you a “bully,” have no idea at all where you got that because there was no indication that you were; taking revenge is not the same as bullying. Never called you a liar, though I did say you told half of the truth, and that remains the case; you still have not told the specifics of the situation, have not told about any staff efforts to resolve the situation, have not stated the relationship of the man who insulted you to the campground. I assume nothing; if, indeed, they were negligent or abusive, then so be it, but I myself cannot see the owners or employees presenting in that manner. As a loving dog owner myself, I can understand completely how that may have offended you; there are many people for whom their dogs are their children. When you slam the campground policies, you slam the way they run their business, and thus them. In a family-run campground, there is no distinction between slamming their policies and them as people.

          Of course I was not there. I know some of the people involved, know how they have handled difficult situations in the past, and would find it very hard to believe that they did not try to find some way of resolving the problem. I would like to know more about the situation that ultimately resulted in your leaving, the ways that the campground, which you gave such a negative rating to, was hurtful or abusive to you, or how the campground staff was negligent in their handling of your case, or for that matter, what the complaints were, and what the reality of the situation was with regard to the frequency of the barking of the dog or dogs.

          I am sure that you are a nice person, and that you were very offended by the comments of the man who offered to shoot your dog. I am also sure that you were offended by the reactions of the other campers to the barking of your dog, and their having taken it to campground management. You stated that any refund be placed in the offering, and that is admirable; it is not everyone who would do so. Here is the problem; it seems, at least on the surface of the information that you have given to this point (and to some extent, what you have not said), that because of your anger towards other patrons, you flamed other people who, I strongly believe and you have not denied, tried to resolve the situation. You had a bad experience, I get that, but please, try to be objective as to whom should receive your criticism. The Millers are good people. They are not perfect, but in my opinion, they run a first-rate campground, and they love animals. I will be going back, and I will bring my dog, and they will be glad to see it; they will rub his head and talk about how adorable it is. I will say it clearly; Raccoon Holler has always been pet friendly, as long as I have been going there over the past two decades, but as in any neighborhood, if you have a dog that barks a lot, maybe at night, or maybe when the owners are away, or maybe just because it likes the sound of its own voice, it causes practical problems for the other people around you. Maybe you were around someone who was particularly sensitive, and they could not stand the sounds; the campground itself is pet friendly, but that does not mean that other customers can tolerate barking as easily. Maybe it was more personal, that they did not like you for some reason. But given the situation, and that the ultimate policy of the campground, which would be to try to please everyone as much as they can, I personally would like to know what the campground staff could have done differently to reach a solution. Up to you.

          And yes, you did hit a pretty major nerve, because I have known the Millers a long time. Was I confrontational in my tone? You bet. You must understand, the Millers are Raccoon Holler, and vice versa. Anyone who has gone there any length of time knows that. And they are among the finest, kindest, most accommodating people I have ever met. Guess I got carried away in my defense of it and them, but then, in some ways, they have become part of my family over the years. I have watched the granddaughter grow up, watched as they overcame many obstacles, and to see them get flamed and presented in a manner that was, in my humble opinion, really hurtful and unobjective was too much for me to remain silent. They may not realize how much they mean to me or to many other campers, but years of treating people right will have that effect on a customer base. My one regret is that, undoubtedly, you will not give them another chance, and that is rather sad.

          GD Star Rating
          • S Hood on July 26, 2011 at 1:30 pm

            Thanks for the change in tone. What I can’t sean to explian is that we’ve camped
            for years, never had a dispute in a campground let alone felt like we’ve
            been run out. We know how to present ourselves and respect others. You said
            it yourself, the campground was never intended as a “dog campground” sorry
            but it is advertised as “dog friendly” you also inquired in your words “did
            the dog bark more than once or twice a day?” I have to tell you in a dog friendly
            park the standard is not “did the dog bark more than once or twice a day” I’m not mad at anyone, did you not read my first post that said “they are not bad people just
            not pet friendly.” The rating I gave the camprgound is what I would rate it
            the value to me is not there I paid 400.00 for two weeks walking on pins,
            the customer service in my case was not good, I would expect an owner to
            investigate to see if there is an issue and if so report it to me. I think
            the job was not done. Overall appearance I gave a three to me that meant
            adverage not a two but not a four, I respect your opinion if it is different
            than mine, but I gave my opinion, it’s an adverage campground. Bathroom I gave a two to me they are dated
            and will never have that fresh clean feel until revamped. Accessability I gave
            a one mainly due to the width of the road leading to the grounds and the size
            of the landing area at check in/out. Noise I gave a one due to the traffic
            on the road behind the campground, we got up closed our windows and fliped
            on the air, I do that in truck stops nornally not campgrounds. I hope that
            explains why I rated it the way I did. The first post was not some attempt to slam
            the place. It6 was in fact an attempt to warn per owners that the place is
            not pet friendly. I did ask several seasonal guests about complaints on
            dogs barking twice I was looked at and asked “did they bark?” How do you
            respond to that, mind you the question was not how long did they bark
            but did they bark period. Like it or not that is the standard at that park.
            The rules say dogs may not bark to where they disturb others (as it should be)
            and is in every campground we’ve ever been to. The seasonal people read the
            rule as dogs may not bark period. that is the disconnect. I fully understand
            the owner is caght in the middle, and mentioned hat to him, but it is his
            job to inforce the rules the same for everyone. That simply is not done there.
            I did not pull into the one campground out of the hundreds of ones I’ve been
            to and leave my judgement and good will at the gate, I go out of my way
            to be kind. The fact is if you show up with a dog at Raccoon Hollar the
            standard of behavior is zero barking. I don’t need to get into he said she said
            details you insist I’m leaving out. If you own a dog, and question the noise
            standarn, and have someone look you in the eye and ask “did it bark” and
            your dog can meet that standard then God Bless you my dogs can’t. For a place to say dog friendly then impose a zero barking in my book is stealing. I don’t know
            how many ways to say it I’m not mad, I’m not calling anyone bad people. When I
            said these people are not campers, I should have explained myself. They act
            like the folks you would expect to find in the florida retirement parks.
            No judgement against them but they just aren’t campers and have a zero
            bark policy. Please don’t tell people that the standard at Raccoon Hollar is the
            same or for that matter even close to normal campground standards
            Afamily campground includes the WHOLE family. Where we come from theta includes the dog
            the dog.
            No hard feelings but truly if you camp at Raccoon Hollar and you have a normal
            dog expect problems you do not have when you normally camp. I hope that is fair
            It is thefull truth

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          • Jonathan Merchant on July 26, 2011 at 2:22 pm

            Likewise, I appreciate your change in tone. I understand that in your case, you do not believe that the rules were enforced equally, and of course, I was not there. It still seems to be that the ratings are unfairly skewed, but your opinion is yours, and I respect that; it is entirely possible that you came at the time that there was a detour due to road construction on Hwy 16 that lasted for months, and the road behind the campground was, temporarily, Hwy 16, handling traffic volume that it was not meant for. One of the campground bathrooms is older, but in my experience it was always clean; the other two are much newer and well-kept. The store and front office have also undergone a major renovation and improvement; indeed, that one bathhouse is the only remaining older customer-frequented building. I understand that you have camped for years in various places, and that in this instance there were problems with at least one other camper with regard to dog barking. Fact is, the standard that you gave is probably the correct one, but that standard is, of course, ambiguous; what is acceptable to one person is not acceptable to another, and in those situations, there is a need for staff intervention. The rules were enforced, but the problem is, the rule is necessarily vague; nobody is going to sit outside of a camper and count frequency of barks and note the time of day, and knowing that, the rules about dog barking have to be vague. It may not be the way that it is in other campgrounds, but personal thresholds are different for different people. If you had been next to other campers, it might not have been a problem at all. It sounds to me like you acknowledge that the staff tried to deal with the situation appropriately, but in the end, a solution could not be reached. It also sounds like an unfortunate placement in terms of who was placed next to whom.

            I guess if you put people and pets in the same place, with differing standards of what is and is not acceptable, there is always going to be tension. I hate that for you, this situation came up, but I will also tell you that you are the only person that I am aware of, in my more than 20 years of being there, that someone has had that level of a pet-related problem, to the point that someone felt like they had to leave. Does not mean that it did not happen, just means I have not heard of it.

            Have a nice day, Mr. Hood. I disagree with your perception of RH and whether it is pet friendly, but that is the way it is, I suppose. I hope to see you at Raccoon Holler in the future, and if so, I will shake your hand, and we can talk about the passionate feelings that people have for their pets.

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      • Shelby on July 26, 2011 at 5:57 am

        If you are the couple that was near us, you asked us several times if your dogs were a problem and we laughed they were a non issue, I told the ownwer he ran off some of the nicest people we’ve ever met.

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      • M Yon on July 26, 2011 at 6:07 am

        I had the same problem, I posted a review on RV Park Reviews back in August of ’09 if you read the reviews this guy is right, that back read had cars running up and down all night. If you have a dog and it barks even once WATCH OUT

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