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Comments on: Pecan Park Campground http://5starcampgrounds.com/pecan-park-campground/ Reviews of RV Parks, RV Resorts and Campgrounds in the United States and Canada. Sun, 27 Oct 2019 03:53:30 +0000 hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.8.3 By: K David http://5starcampgrounds.com/pecan-park-campground/#comment-19520 Fri, 17 Jul 2015 15:11:00 +0000 http://5starcampgrounds.com/pecan-park-campground/#comment-19520 Pecan Park in San Marcos, Texas is not family friendly and the owners of this park are not respectful to the guests.
Here are some examples of the treatment of guests at this park:
1. We camped here in early July and had the campers near us ejected from the park at 11:00 pm because their grandchildren (ages around 6 – 8) were doing sparklers by the river. The guy on the golf cart called the owner and the owner was screaming and yelling at our camping neighbors (paying guests) and called the sheriff’s department. It was a very sad situation for the poor children who left crying and traumatized. THIS HAPPENS ON A REGULAR BASIS, but because it is private property, the police have no choice but to make sure the campers leave. By the way, this was the SECOND time the police had shown up in 2 days. During the time that the “Sparkler” offenders were packing up, there were other campers that began setting off large fireworks down by the river and these campers were not ejected, but simply told not to do that again. It is the owner’s decision on who gets ejected. Everyone should rethink donating to the “Go Fund Me” account. In my opinion they have some nerve even setting up an account like that – this is after all, a FOR PROFIT business and if they haven’t saved for a “Rainy” Day like all the other businesses have to then that is just another example of poor management and poor financial planning. Especially considering you are right next to a RIVER!!! The sob story about not being able to get insurance on an RV Park is not true. I personally did one simple Google search and found a company that specializes in RV Park flood insurance.

2. There is an abandoned home on the property that is open with no warning signs or security tape and children in the park were running through this home the entire weekend that we were camping in early July. I understand that there was a flood at the end of May, 2015, but the home should have been secured for the protection of the guests. There was also debris lying outside the home and the steps down to the river were very dangerous.

3. The previous year when we camped here we were told to turn off all electronic devices at 10:30 pm and we could only whisper. There is a guy on a golf cart that rides around the park and gets onto all of the guests about this. We even had other campers ask if the golf cart “night security” guy was picking on our campsites. Apparently it is obvious to other campers that there was unfair treatment going on. They do not even tolerate an acoustic guitar being strummed quietly. BUT on July 4, 2014 the park owners showed a movie on the hillside inside the park grounds. The name of the movie was “The Transformers” and this movie was blaring quite loudly until around 11:00 p.m. We questioned the fact that they were even allowed to show this movie in a public venue considering the copy right laws in place. I don’t really understand how they can break their own rules, but paying guests cannot even have an evening of playing games at the campsite that they paid money to reserve.
If you want to sleep your vacation away and don’t have children – try it, but if you want to enjoy your family and friends and play games and sing songs and stay up past 10:30 I would pass on this park.